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No previous stage experience is necessary to audition for a TheatreWorks Community Players production.  Prepare a monologue and song (if auditioning for a musical) and come share your talent.  Don't know what to prepare, just show up, we will guide you through the audition.


You Know the Old Slaying

Auditions October 7, 2017 - 10 A to 1 P

You Know the Old Slaying is an interactive play written by Michal Jacot and brought to our stage through special arrangements with Heuer Publishing.  A traveling theatre group gets ready to present their play, when one of their actors is murdered. The audience helps determine which one of the cast members is the culprit. At the end, the audience votes for who they think the murderer is; whoever gets the most votes is the confessed killer. The play is written with five different endings - the cast member who gets the votes goes into the ending tailored especially for him/her.

Special Note:  The "actors" will have two roles to play - both as the "actor" and as the character  in this "play within a play".  The audience will have the opportunity during intermission to question the cast.  All cast members have to stick to the "truth" and cannot deviate from their bio.

Cast of Characters - (4 Men, 2 Women)

Mark Henshaw:  The male lead actor of the troupe. He is arrogant, conceited, and sarcastic. Fortunately for all of us, he is also the murder victim. (Late 30s - 50s)

Harcourt Rodale:  The director. A friendly, warm person towards everyone except Mark. Especially in his element when “working” an audience. He enjoys talking about the “magic of theatre,” and has been involved in it for most of his life. (50s - 60s)

Lisa McFarland:  The female lead actress. She is a former “big name” actress with a recognizable name and face, which the troupe uses to its advantage. She has a pleasant personality, but is headstrong, used to getting her own way - a prima donna past her prime. (40s - 50s)

Darlene Richards:  The young ingénue. Sweet and kooky; not stupid, but charmingly naive. (20s - early 30s)

Brad Reese:  The understudy for Henshaw. He is young, handsome, and enthusiastic about theater, though not as talented as he believes he is. (20s - early 30s)

“Flash” Burns:  The stage manager. Taciturn and methodical; the strong silent type who anticipates a problem and corrects it without panicking. Polite enough, but not talkative. (40s - 60s)

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