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Little Shop of Horrors

Not so long ago, creatures from outer space invaded our galaxy intent on world domination. Some of them took the form of plants. Seymour unknowingly purchased one of the plants and brought it back to Mushnik's florists shop on Skid Row where he worked. He tended the plant, lovingly naming it Audrey II after his fellow assistant, Audrey. The major problem, however, is that Audrey II's favorite food is blood - fresh blood! As the plant starts to grow, so does its appetite and its demands. In exchange for fresh blood, Audrey II says he will grant Seymour's hearts desire to wrest Audrey away from Orin, her sadistic dentist boyfriend. Seymour goes to visit Orin, and well, as Audrey II says.........FEED ME, SEYMOUR!!!

The TheatreWorks production of LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS was directed by Corbin Campbell with costumes by Ami Shupe, set by Brad Archer, and lighting by Jackie Finney.

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